Fundraising is an amazing way to earn money for your charity, organization or personal goals.  The Artful Dodger is a great place to host your next fundraiser as we aim to keep the ‘FUN’ in FUNdraiser!

Dodger Fundraiser Updated 2017

DONATIONS:  The Artful Dodger strives to help out community and health based   organizations by offering donations for them to raise money.  Please email if you would like to be considered for donations.  If we cannot help out with monetary or prize donations we would be happy to help you host your fundraiser here.



We are pleased to be able to offer a special sponsorship package with local sports teams.

How it Works:

The Artful Dodger Management and the Team Manager will set up a team account in the pub that will track total spend of each team member for the duration of the sport season.

The Artful Dodger will then offer the team a 5% rebate on total spend towards an ‘End of Year Wrap Up Party’.

When the team members come in to enjoy the pub they just need to let their server know what team they are playing for.  The total bill gets tracked in our system under that team name.

The Artful Dodger tracks total spend of the team and in our commitment to transparency, the team manager may request the records at any time from pub management.

The rebate will be issued to the team manager in the form of a Gift Certificate at the wrap up party.

Good Luck with your season!

Artful Dodger Sports Team Sponsorship Application